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Beach Versagility

JBR Beach, Dubai

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4 hours

Max Group Size

300 participants


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Congratulations! You found one of the most popular team building program in Singapore! Our team has developed 2 special programmes for team building on Sentosa. If you want to bring your team to the extreme, pick our Sentosa Beach Games aka Versagility on the Beach! Want something less intensive but instead, want to explore the many secret corners of Sentosa? Then the Hidden Fortress programme is for you!

Versagility is a high-energy team building activity that has something for everyone. The aim of the team challenges is for each team to earn the most points. Teams do this by completing challenges of their choice from a booklet/library of challenges. The harder the challenge – the more points they earn.

Get Wet And Sandy With Our Super Fun And Competitive Beach Games!

Station Games

Go head to head against the other teams at different beach game stations on Sentosa! Put your heads together to complete mental challenges, or pit your strength against the other teams in a game of physical challenge. Either way, you have to work together as a team in order to be crowned the winner in these station games!

Mass Participation

Once you’ve completed all the station games, we’ll proceed to the final activity which is a mass participation challenge involving all teams and players! Compete with other teams in a game of beach dodgeball, or a game of mass tug-of-war. Either way, this finale is going to bring your team’s performance to its highest level!

Complete An Amazing Race Around Sentosa, Once An Important Fortress For Singapore!

Solve Clues

We’ll hand your team a cluebook and tell you where you should go, but not directly! Solve clues we’ve planted in the cluebook in order to find your next destination, and bring your team there in one piece! Some clues are more tricky than others, and you might even need to get some help from tourists to translate clues that are in a foreign language. Do what you need to do to get to your desination fast!

Complete Station Activities

When you get to the correct landmarks on Sentosa, you’ll be expected to complete special station activities planned for that specific landmark. As a team, you might be asked to perform and record a video with a given storyboard, complete an artistic challenge that has something to do with a historical legend, or even find a mystery person in a funny hat! Expect the unexpected if you want to win!

Sorting your team size? 
We do not have a hard cap on the team size, you can go up to 7, 10, 18 or even 20. However, our recommended team size would be 6 - 8 pax for a highly immersive experience!

Location: Outdoor 
For Overseas Team Building Event, contact us for more information


1 Main Facilitator
1 Co-Facilitator
Event Logistics
Mineral Water


Improving Team Synergy
Strengthening Team Communication
Building Trust Within The Team
How To Have Fun
Improve Time Management
Maximising Resources
Build Efficient Teams

Learning Outcomes

Thinking Out Of The Box
Teamwork - Despite Taking On Different Roles
Build Camaraderie


Is this a high-risk event?
Nope! This activity will be held at the beach and safety briefing will be done before the event starts!
How many first-aid personnel will be at the event?
There will be at least 1 first aider at the event (up to 40 pax).
Can we customise some of the stations?
Of course! We will send you a list of games for you to choose from so this event will be entirely customised by you to fit the objectives the best!
Will you be getting venue permission for all the venues?
Yes, we will get venue permission beforehand to make sure that the participants can have fun without any interruptions!
Will there be other activities or team building events at the venues?
Sometimes there will be other team building activities at the venues too but we will not get interrupted as long as we have the venue permission!

Activity Location

JBR Beach, Dubai


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