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Nerf On Inflatables at AquaFun Water Park

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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4 hours

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Max Group Size

300 participants


Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Are you fast, accurate and agile? If you are, Nerf On Inflatables is the right game for you! This activity will get your entire body pumping with adrenaline for sure! There will be 3 different courses on the inflatables and at the end of each courses there will be nerf guns for participants to aim and shoot the targets. The first team to shoot the target at each course scores for his/her team! In order to make the activity a fair game, all representative of the team will start at the same spot. Of course, if you wish to increase the difficulty of the game, you're most welcome to, by pushing or shoving your rivals into the water to gain yourself additional time! 

Each round consist of all 3 courses and teams are required to swap the players every round. Every players in the team will get a chance to compete and teams are able to strategize the sequence of the players (do not let the rival teams know your players sequence)! 

Sorting your team size? 
We do not have a hard cap on the team size, you can go up to 7, 10, 18 or even 20. However, our recommended team size would be 5 - 8 pax for a highly immersive experience!

Location: Outdoor 


1 Main Facilitator
2 Co-Facilitator
Activity Logistics
Life Jackets
Mineral Water
Indoor Event Venue (additional top-up if applicable)
Food & Beverages (additional top-up if applicable)


Improving Team Synergy
Strengthening Team Communication
How To Have Fun
Build Efficient Teams

Learning Outcomes

Teamwork - Despite Taking On Different Roles
Build Camaraderie
Speed Of Delivery
Strategic Planning
Team Support


Is this event safe?
Yes it is! We will provide participants with life jackets and there will be a safety briefing right before the event starts. Safety comes first for us!
What is the dress code?
Do dress comfortably, sports wear are preferred. Remember to bring extra clothes for changing after!
Can we customise our own groupings?
Yes of course! If you have your own team list, send it over to us and we will get all participants into their team!
If each round of the challenge involves one representative of the team only, what will the rest do?
We will have mini games on shore for the rest of the participants to take part in. Earn more points for your team while rooting for the player competing on the inflatables!

Activity Location

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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