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Game Of Drones™


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3 hours

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500 participants




The perfect test of your hand-eye-coordination! Game of Drones™ is an adrenaline pumping team building experience!
Come in your teams, and battle with our latest state-of-the-art drones in custom-built arenas! Show your friends what
you’ve got up your sleeves by piloting your drone around obstacles, achieving missions, and avoiding the arena defences
all at once! This is definitely going to be a heart-pounding cohesion session!

There are 2 game scenarios, each lasting for about 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on your group size:

  1. Mission Control
  2. Drone Invader

Mission Control 

In Mission Control, your goal is to navigate a maze of obstacles that we will create at your arena of choice,
while avoiding the defending team’s attempts at destroying your drone!
The more obstacles you overcome, the more points you score for your team!

Drone Invader

Like the classic game of Alien Invaders, Drone Invader is a mission where the attacking team controls a team of drones
to achieve a single mission. The defending team will use all means necessary (within our rules of course!) to defend
against the drone invaders.

Sorting your team size? 
We do not have a hard cap on the team size, you can go up to 7, 10, 18 or even 20. However, our recommended team size would be 5 - 8 pax for a highly immersive experience!

Location: Indoor 
For Overseas Team Building Event, contact us for more information


1 Main Facilitator
1 Co-Facilitator
4 Drones
2-way Logistic Transport
Mineral Water for 20 Pax


Improving Team Synergy
Strengthening Team Communication
Building Trust Within The Team
How To Have Fun
Critical Thinking
Build Efficient Teams

Learning Outcomes

Visual Thinking and Planning
Build Camaraderie


Will it be suitable for people who are not as technology-savvy?
This activity is suitable for all as we will be holding "flight school" for participants to learn how to fly a drone!
Do the drones pose a danger to the participants?
We will minimise the danger by doing safety briefing before the event starts and during the flight school. Co-facilitators will also make sure participants keep a safe distances between each other during flight.
Do we have to build the obstacles ourselves?
Yes! The building phase actually involve more team collaboration, support and communication. So it is highly recommended for participants to build the obstacle themselves!
Will all the participants be given equal playing opportunity?
All participants will get a chance to attend "flight school" and also fly the drones during the final race!

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