Are you interested in trying out some Icebreaker Activities? With our experience, these activities have proven successful in office, colleges and families. Get your employees closer, families together to a good start by using these icebreaker activities in their home and workplace. 

But before going to the list do you intend to know what do these activities have in common? Yes! All of these activities are tried and tested. It has helped to break the ice among unknown audiences. You can use these icebreaker activities to develop a strong and effective team or to have a well-knitted family. 

Hidden Fortress 

Ever practised what you just saw in movies? Like that in Japanese movies, we bring and organised in Hidden Fortress. These events are organised around historical places in Singapore and other cities. For example, we organised an event where the audiences were divided into teams and were presented with a challenge related to the history of Singapore. They were given clues after they solved every hurdle. While solving these clues they come closer as a team. 

Build A Raft

The sinking ship can also be an idea behind bringing people together. This gives an opportunity to the best of teams to innovate, plan and execute. The end result is to successfully launch a floating Titanic. A titanic which does not sink. This is a strategic challenge that needs strong collaboration and implementation. This can be used to develop strategies among mid-level teams. The learning from this is strong collaboration is a must to bring and execute projects. 

First Job or Worst Job  

In the corporate domain, the worst or the best experience which people have is in the First Job. So as a team they can organise a session on a weekend were everyone shares about their past job experiences. This gives an opportunity for you to know the new joines better and vice versa. Also, these ideas can be used by the HR team to bring changes to the office culture and environment. 



Versatility is like an engine of success! Employers look for versatility in soft work skills that bring peace, lower stress and contribute to creating harmony.

Versatile and Agile is what a team is made off. These are high energy team building activities that have something in store for everyone. These are made up of challenges. The more rigorous challenge you perform, the higher the points earned. Teams with the highest points win the challenge. 

Activities & Games

There are multiple benefits of eating together. It can involve all ages and categories of people. Be it eating with children, employees, or clients it brings a plethora of opportunities to connect and know each other. These social benefits are unmatched. We at Fun Supermart helps families to organise activities with an exciting array of entertainment like a dance and games. With a fun theme, we keep fun activities to keep the participants engaged. 

Inflammables for kids 

Team Building activities are a great way to make kids learn new things like work together, listen carefully, communicate clearly and think carefully. They also give kids the opportunity to get to know each other. We bought them huge inflammables to which taught them to go up strategically.

10 things in Common 

Split everyone into pairs and giving them a piece of paper to write about each other. However, we need to remember that copy out are not allowed. Like you must say real facts and habits of each others. This is not just a game, but it also helps to bring transparency among employees and families. The point of this as an icebreaker is to initiate contact with someone/ partner on similar habits. 



Apart from the above activities, we also recommend activities like Casino Night, theme activities like House of Dragons, Gameshow mania, Baby photo, etc. Team building icebreakers are great at bringing people together and expediting the socialisation process. Naturally, there will always be some pushback to icebreakers, so you might as well make yours easy and fun.

If you’re tasked with coming up with some team building icebreakers for your next meeting, it doesn’t have to be hard. We believe that the above ideas can be helpful. For personalised events, you might even get in touch with us.