It’s obvious to see that an organisation benefits when its employees are working together synergistically. Successfully bringing together events, we at Fun Supermart realise that good teamwork helps to build morale in the workplace, which makes us more productive and ultimately improves our organisational work and success rate. For organisations that have excellent teamwork, problem-solving is easier – since people with different skills and knowledge will work together to produce a creative solution.

In the absence of good teamwork in the workplace, it’s difficult to progress as a business – which can result in stagnation and loss of goodwill and revenue generation. According to research, 86% of employees and executives state that workplace failures are a direct result of a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication. If you want your employees to work together and produce great results, here are some tips to improve teamwork within your organisation.

Communication, everyday, everyway!

Effective communication is the heart of notable teamwork. Such teams communicate well and often, their members happily share ideas, brainstorm together, ask for feedback, and be contradicted. However, it doesn’t imply that these team members agree with each other, always. Though they’re able to communicate through their differences to settle on a sound solution and continue moving forward as a team, sometimes it is important to enabling good methods of communication.
So, how to enable good communication?

Be clear: Necessarily, set the tone for communication among the team. It’s undeniable that a team needs to communicate as and when the work demands. However, there should be a time for closing your office door? It should not be okay to contact someone after hours? The team should get together often? In short, there should be an outline for the team to be on the same page and the communication to flow smoothly.

Meet and greets: Encouraging informal meetings, information sharing, and huddles between team members. Employees shouldn’t wait for team meetings or board meetings to meet together. There should be regular team building activities to keep them connected. Collaborative team members are comfortable communicating as and when they need to.

Collaboration tools: These enable workers to connect across the world, or across the office, in a group or one-to-one conversation. They also make progress on group projects at times that are most convenient for them. We at Fun Supermart use Slack for our team collaboration. 

Recognize and reward.

When employees and their work are valued they feel motivated to work and their productivity level rises. Employee recognition, be it formal or informal is important for every employee and organisation. 

There are two ways of employee recognition :
The first aspect is to actually see, identify or realize an opportunity to praise someone. If you are not in a receptive frame of mind you can easily pass over many such opportunities. This happens all too frequently. The other aspect of employee recognition is, of course, the physical act of doing something to acknowledge and praise people for their good work. This can again be through activities like indoor and outdoor team building activities.

Take a break

It’s important to give your employees a break from the office. It may seem unreasonable, but if you let your employees take a few more breaks during the day, you may see your company thrives and achieves its goals the way it never did. Breaks can be given in many different forms. It can be a lunch break, a coffee break, an evening interaction session, break just by meeting everyone on a Sunday, or even a full-on vacation. It can be paid and unpaid breaks depending on the type and frequency of breaks. It’s amazing what a few minutes away from the desk or not in front of clients can actually do for an employee.

Show Gratitude

You don’t have to wait for Employee Appreciation Day to show gratitude to your employees. Showing gratitude to employees and clients boost morale and increases workplace effectiveness. An infographic by shows that 69% of the employees work better when they feel appreciated. On the other hand, 54% of the employees would stop working or give up on their jobs if they feel less appreciated.

Some ways of showing gratitude to employees are listed below :
Show gratitude on Social media.
Show gratitude with awards and prizes.
Show gratitude through gift cards and dining vouchers.

We try to build a healthy culture by taking these little steps towards organisational team behaviour. If you wish to take and bring success in your organisation, you might as well try the above.